The Rising Demand for High-Calibre Managerial Talent

The demand for high-calibre managers reflects a more challenging business context, doing more with less, more quickly and within a global environment. Companies today need managers who can respond to these challenges through enterprise, creativity, and leadership. This demand for managerial talent is evident in the requirements companies make of those looking for fast-track managerial appointments. Corporate brochures and websites proclaim that they are the best company to work for, but that only the best candidates are likely to have the personal capital that they are looking for:

What matters is the potential to reach a senior level fast. Everyone who joins us must be able to offer flexibility, enthusiasm, commercial acumen, independence, initiative, communication skills, an enquiring mind and the ability to plan, organise, analyse and evaluate. Teamworking—on a local and international level—is vital to the success of projects, so the way you relate to people is as important as the way you manage responsibility . . . we’re looking for tomorrow’s managers and technical specialists. Real decision-makers. So we need to employ innovative, self starting people who can think on their feet and handle responsibility. (Adtranz)

We believe that our ambitious plans can only be achieved by attracting and developing the very best talent, who bring enthusiasm and commitment to the service they provide to their clients, as well as to their own personal development...our competitive advantage comes from our people...Work at Ernst & Young is demanding, we aim not only to meet but to exceed our clients’ expectations. The type of people who can achieve this will have... been involved in a variety of activities at university but have juggled their time well and consistently met deadlines. Not been satisfied with tried and tested methods but will have continuously tried to improve things and enjoyed being part of a changing environment . . . The most striking characteristic of people at Ernst & Young is their strong sense of individuality and the wide variety of skills, knowledge and experience they possess. (Ernst and Young)

Our success flows from the people making up the team, and our future depends on attracting and retaining those who share our eagerness to challenge the status quo. So we offer challenging responsibilities and ample development prospects...We know that maintaining our position of world leadership depends on having the best people working with us. (Vodafone)

Our people will always be Logica’s biggest asset. In an environment that fizzes with a unique combination of technical innovation and creative flair, it’s their talent, inspiration and sense of adventure that drive the business for- ward . . . That’s why whenever it’s time for a new member to join the team, we look for those who share our inquisitive and resourceful approach . . . However powerful the technology, what sets us apart from the competition is the talent and energy of our people. Our success is driven by dynamic, resourceful individuals who refuse to compromise and constantly strive for ever more innovative solutions . . . There are certain things we look for in our employees. We like them to think for themselves, so initiative is important. As is commitment. We expect 100% at all times. (Logica)

We’re looking for talented, confident people who know where they’re going. People who are not content to be a cog in a big machine, but want to be leading from the front in an organization that is changing lives. (National Health Service, NHS)

You will offer a strong and consistent record of high academic success. You will be able to demonstrate you have used your intelligence to solve problems, find creative solutions and use excellent judgment; think strategically and analytically, and be more confident and ambitious than the majority of your peers. We are keen to attract high-quality, highly literate and numerate applicants from a variety of degree subject backgrounds. (Robson Rhodes)

We have established a reputation for technical excellence through continuing innovation in pioneering technologies and have only achieved this by attracting, developing and retaining some of the best, most flexible talent available. We employ outstanding individuals with technical disciplines to work in meaningful roles with a bias in...technical and product development and manufacturing, with occasional opportunities in one of the support professions. (RayChem)

Source:THE MISMANAGEMENT OF TALENT. Employability and Jobs in the Knowledge Economy. Phillip Brown and Anthony Hesketh with Sara Williams. Oxford University Press.

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